Fashion Friday: Shoes

I’ve somehow made it through all of winter with no boots. Yeah, I know. Well, I have heeled boots that live under my desk at work but I mean boots I actually walk in outside. Madness. I also need brogues for work because of reasons. So, without further ado, here are some shoes I like the look of.


Blue Suede boots @ Clarke’s


Chelsea boot @ Asos


Derby tweed @ Rollie


Metallic brogues @ Asos


Lace up @ Shoe Connection


Runners @ Allbirds


Fashion Friday: Work Dresses

I have $0 disposable income so instead of shopping, I’m going to just post about the things I want instead. That’s responsible adulting, right?

Fashion Friday Issue 1 | Work Dresses

I was never that big on dresses but in the last few years I’ve realised they require a lot less effort. The whole outfit basically sorts itself and, when I’m going to work after the gym, a dress means a lot less shiz to pack. My current work dress collection is getting a bit shabby though and I’d love nothing more than to top it up.


Luck be a Lady @ Modcloth


Monochrome Check Dress @ Cue


Seville Spot @ Review


Cape Sleeve Dress @ Cue


Sloth Shirt Dress @ Leonard St.


Fox Romance @ Dangerfield


Coach Tour @ Modcloth


Zip Front Dress @ Cue


Oh My Gosh @ Modcloth


Bow neck gingham dress @ Amazon

Adulting 101: Skin deep

My mum did a great job raising me, not a day goes by that I don’t think of something she did that has helped or benefited me in some way. She’s always been really level-headed and practical and I don’t really know how she copes with highly strung, perfectionists (and depressives) like my dad and I.

One of the solid things she did for me was to get me started on a face washing routine when I was around 10. She did some research and found a nice, natural, antioxidant product for me that didn’t have a ton of chemicals in it. It was rooibos based and I loved it.

When my family moved to Australia, I could no longer get the aforementioned rooibos product  (ah pre-internet shopping) and I fell into the bad habit of not really looking after my skin much. The off the shelf products in supermarkets seemed to aggravate my breakouts more than anything and I kind of lost faith in the whole process.

Now I have to admit I have pretty good skin. Except for the odd breakout, I never had any major issues. So I never needed a truly heavy duty product. Eventually when I started earning my own money, I moved on to products from the Body Shop (I never felt justified in asking my parents to spend $40 on a tiny tube of moisturiser). And that was ok so that’s where I settled.

But then last May I ordered my first Go-To Skincare product. Now I’ll admit that I only ordered some because I think the founder of the product, Zoe Foster Blake, is hilarious and I enjoyed their social media posts. Is that shallow? Oh well. I also discovered that it’s full of natural ingredients and none of the shit that I hate, so I desperately wanted it to work. I ordered the ‘Exceptionoil‘ first because my skin gets really dry in winter, particularly my hands (to the point where my knuckles end up raw and cracked). And I loved it. Loved it. Not only does it smell divine, it’s also super effective – and as it turns out, it’s really effective at stopping weightlifting calluses from getting all gross.

I immediately ordered the ‘Properly Clean Face Wash‘ and the ‘Exfoliating Swipeys‘. The face wash is light and foamy and delightful, and also smells delicious. It’s really balanced out my skin and effectively got rid of the dry patches I’d occasionally get. The swipeys are really straightforward though I find my skin quite sensitive to exfoliation so I only use them 1-2 times a week.

In the intervening months, I’ve gone on to get the whole set of products and I absolutely adore them all. My skin is so soft and clear, and the Exceptionoil in particular is very effective. Plus the products come in a cute box with lots of fun, tongue in cheek packaging and the whole thing is really just a delight from start to finish. So if you’re looking for a new product that is full of good stuff, smells great and isn’t tested on animals, Go-To is definitely worth a try.


Window Shopping

I’m in the middle of a budget overhaul and it’s torture. There’s nothing I enjoy more than wasting money on random shit on a whim. But in my lame attempt at trying to be an adult, I’ve come to the sad realisation that I can’t do that anymore. So instead, here’s a list of things I wish I could buy right now.

A fox print by a local artists Nikki McIvor for my wall. Or at the very least the postcard versions of it.


Go-To Face Hero cause I’m obsessed with Go-To products and have bought something from them pretty much every month for the last wee while. I think their products will be my new default response when people ask me what I want for gifts.


A 2017 diary (and wall calendar) from my new favourite magazine.


Some new G-Star skinny jeans cause a friend gave me a pair of hers that didn’t fit and they were freaking amazing. Until they unraveled. Probably cause I wore them too much. But I just bought Levi’s so can’t really justify yet another pair of jeans.


A new dress to diversify the old work wardrobe.

And I need to replace one of my fragrances and I’m keen on a nice nude lip colour and and and…sigh.Curse this responsibility. New goal: be independently wealthy.