Writing to pass the time

I have a little house
Close to town, but not to the city
Far from home, but near my family
No water views, but so close to the sea
I see
This is how my little life could be

And I’m filling it with things
Like furniture I find on the street
And all the special things I’d like to eat
Pictures of people that I’d like to meet
I’ll meet them when I’m orbiting the world…



Take note, there’s still a hole in your heart.

I know I’m full of holes

I am tired and sad and sleep deprived and tired and they’re all totally different things even if I’m using words with the same meaning over and over again. Jetlag has been a real bitch to me this time around and I feel like I’ll never have a proper night’s sleep again and I should just take comfort in naps now, whenever I can. It’s beautiful and hot and constantly windy and I drove through the city with mum yesterday and it was so small it made my heart hurt. I wanted to get some photos printed last week and for some reason it’s taking them 10 days to do it for me and I just…I don’t know. I’m tired and sad and everything’s slow and I don’t want to think about any of this.

Don’t care if I’m lonely,
Cause it feels like home.
I won’t ever be holy,
Thank God I’m full of holes.

Full of holes.

Music: Holy – Frightened Rabbit

Never to come out

I’m wasted, losing time
I’m a foolish, fragile spine
I want all that is not mine
I want him but we’re not right

In the darkness I will meet my creators

And they will all agree, that I’m a suffocator

I should go now quietly
For my bones have found a place
to lie down and sleep
Where all my layers can become reeds
All my limbs can become trees
All my children can become me
What a mess I leave
To follow