See you later

Well, we’ve wrapped up yet another year. It was a pretty eventful year filled with love and laughter and also lots of struggle.

I feel lucky to have spent quality time with good friends, many made the trip over to NZ and it was a blast to see them. It’s been a pretty good year in terms of my relationship, moving in with my partner and the like, and we managed to raise a cherry tomato plant. Go us. A definite highlight this year was also my Harry Potter themed 30th birthday party – all the prep reminded me how much I actually enjoy doing crafty things.

It’s also been a tough year for me, mentally and physically. I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching and make some decisions about what I truly want for myself. Therapy is helping with that, as is a very supportive partner and good friends, so I feel very lucky in that respect. It’s been a hard few months but I think I’m coming out the other side now.

Looking back at my ‘aims and aspirations‘ for 2017, things didn’t really pan out. I read more than I anticipated, and I guess I do kind of enjoy the gym. Yay? I did not reach my squat goal, but I made a conscious decision to drop weight and improve my depth around September, so I’m not too disappointed with that. My form is very good now, if I do say so myself. I didn’t write though and I definitely didn’t save money. As for being positive at work? Hmmm. Yeah. And being happy? Well my therapist says that’s too abstract a thing to aim for. Looking at parts of that though, I did start volunteering at the SPCA which I find really rewarding, I did eat way better and I did push myself outside my comfort zone. I feel like, overall, I did pretty well – even if I was horribly depressed for the last quarter of the year.

In 2018, I really want to focus on me. Not in a selfish way, but in a living life for myself kind of way. There are a lot of things I’m incredibly happy with: my relationship, my family, my friends, where I live, my commitment to fitness. I’m making some pretty major changes though, most notably starting a new job later this month. It’s scary and overwhelming but so desperately needed.

As part of my commitment to focus on me, I’ve decided to give up this whole blogging thing. My heart isn’t in it anymore. Hasn’t been for a very long time. This will be my final post. I’ll leave the blog up just in case I find I need this outlet again one day.

If you’ve enjoyed my random posts about what I’m reading, feel free to keep an eye on my Goodreads profile. Otherwise you can catch me on the gram.

Happy new year. Be kind to yourself. Look after each other.


November, December, let’s remember

Combo cause was too frantic to get them done separately.


I read the next two books in the Alex Versus series, ‘Cursed‘ and ‘Taken‘. I’m still not really that into them but I think it’s becoming a bit more interesting. Writing can be a bit repetitive but as far as a pretty low maintenance read that you can knock out in a day goes, you could do worse. I also read ‘Career of Evil‘, the third Cormoran Strike novel. I just really enjoy them, they remind me of why I loved Nancy Drew as a kid. In the interest of getting a bit more on top of things, I’ve also been delving into the more self-help, arm chair psychology side of things. So far I’ve finished ‘Unplugged: The Essential Digital Detox Plan‘ which was more about mindfulness than any really useful insight into the obsession with digital life/social media. Nothing really there that I hadn’t heard before. I also read Marie Kondo’s much lauded book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up‘. Found this surprisingly insightful and I’ve already tackled my wardrobe using the principle with great results. Major obstacle for me is that it feels very wasteful, but donating as much as I can to charity sort of helps circumvent that. Finally, I read ‘How Trump Thinks: His Tweets and the Birth of a New Political Language‘ by Peter Oborne. It’s basically just a chronicle of Trump’s tweets over his Twitter lifespan and just reinforces how batshit crazy the man is.


Let’s be real, most of December is dedicated to listening to pop covers of Christmas Carols. But here is a combo list for the two months.


Murder on the Orient Express: Love a bit of Agatha Christie and Kenneth Branagh so this was an enjoyable wee adaptation. Nothing revolutionary but inoffensive. Thoroughly enjoyed the costuming.

Justice League: I actually forgot I saw this which should really tell you everything you need to know about it. It wasn’t bad…time passed pretty quickly and as a generic action film it was fine. But it wasn’t good either. DC just haven’t laid the groundwork the way that Marvel have and in the end, you don’t really care about any of these people. Also, Superman has always been problematic in that he’s way to overpowered and it kind of ruins everything? Also Aquaman is a ridiculous hero. But he was pretty funny in this. And the Flash is funny but I just…I don’t care. Marvel is the better franchise. Much like Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman is the best thing in this. She’s a wonderful character and the only one who feels really fleshed out. They should just cut their losses and only make her films from now on.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Spare me the whining that’s come off the back of this. Aren’t hardcore fans just the absolute pits? Probably a bit long and self-indulgent, but I really enjoyed it. Enjoyed the humour and thought the message it was sending about shades of grey, futility vs hope and the short-sightedness of heroes was very refreshing. Plus the lightsaber duel was epic. Don’t get the fuss about Adam Driver though. Bleh. Hoping to go see it again!