Hogwarts will always be there

A month or so ago I made the wonderful discovery that The Roxy was hosting a Harry Potter marathon. All eight films across 24 hours, with food and snacks and themed nonsense. Naturally the bf and I were all over it, and were both very excited when the blessed weekend finally arrived.

Excited, and maybe a little apprehensive. It is a very long time to sit in a cinema. But then I figured all the long-haul flights I’d taken in my life had prepared me. Also did I mention themed nonsense? Motivation right there.


Shenanigans started at 1.30pm on Saturday and wrapped up 1.30pm on Sunday. So yes, literally 24 hours. The first two films were a breeze but I realised just exactly what we’d signed up for during the third film. It wasn’t going to be quite as easy as I’d anticipated. But hey whatever, it was still a boat load of fun. There were full meals and random entertainment, including a quiz that was surprisingly difficult for a sleep-deprived mind, and some Quidditch training drill run by the local Quidditch club (of course). And of course there was butterbeer and like most butterbeer it was an indistinguishable butterscotchy concoction, although this one had the added drama of bubbling foam thanks to tactically employed dry ice. 10/10 for theatrics.

Now I have to admit I did not make it through all eight films, I had a tactical nap during Order of the Phoenix as it’s my least favourite. Cinema seats aren’t very comfortable for curling up, in turns out, but nevertheless, it was a solid two hour nap. I may also have had a wee nod during the Half Blood Prince but other than that, 100% paying attention. And it was delightful seeing these films on the big screen again. I’ve re-watched them countless of times but somehow there are still things I missed. For example the Fat Lady calling the students plebs during the third film when they don’t appreciate her singing. Always a fan of a good pleb joke.


It was a genuinely fun weekend. The crowd were relatively mellow, and mostly in the 18-30 age range. Everyone was quietly having a good time and while words were exchanged while enjoying games or standing in line for the lollies (free all night, and yes I did get a stomach ache), but overall everyone kind of minded their own business. It was just lovely and homely and comforting. And props to the people who changed into pjs, wish I’d thought of that! The bf and I both got wands made by a local as a souvenir of the event, and they’re delightful and just as good for poking someone when you want a cup of tea as any of the official wands. I tested that for you, you’re welcome.

It was very strange to emerge to a sunrise while you’re in a cinema but The Roxy is so lovely , it really was a pleasure to spend the time there. And the staff did an excellent job looking after everyone, even though the ones working the graveyard shift were obviously exhausted.

There has been such a reaction from people who didn’t realise this was a thing, so I think they’re going to have another marathon in the future. I don’t think it’s something I’d ever do again, but I’m glad I did it. And I’m particularly glad that I’m with someone who was excited about it as I was. HazPotz for ever!



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