Moving time

Guess who is moving in with her boyfriend? Yep, this idiot. In a ‘that happened quicker than anticipated’ moment, we found a place we both loved a couple of weeks ago and now we’re moving this weekend.

Flat hunting in Wellington is a nightmare and I’d had a tentative agreement with my current landlord that we’d wait for one of the flats he’s busy refurbishing. But he couldn’t give me a date when it would be finished and it made me anxious, so I kept looking for places anyway. We went to see a townhouse, not thinking for a moment we’d get it and then next minute, we’re signing a lease. I don’t even know.

The last week has been a whirlwind of admin and paperwork. Getting everything set up, sorting utilities and vans, scrounging boxes from work, moving the bf’s stuff out of his place as his tenancy ended, and sorting end of tenancy stuff with my lovely landlord. Fuck, I am exhausted. But I’m thoroughly looking forward to moving in to the new place. I have loved the 2 and a bit years in my flat, it’s gorgeous and it suited me perfectly. It’s just a little more space is needed with two people, especially since friends/family visit fairly regularly. Also, it means we have a place that’s ours, rather than mine, so we’re on more equal footing.

But you know what I’d like? A registry. I have contributed to so many wedding registries and baby showers over the years, and no doubt will continue to do so in the future. I have no intention of ever having a massive wedding or having a baby, and it seems grossly unfair that I’ll never have a chance to create a registry and get some shiz, yo.

All the packing and making lists of things that need to be acquired or replaced made me think about this. Would it be terribly bitchy to just create one and send it to my family and friends? My mum says yes. It’s selfish. But life is expensive! And I like nice things! Damn it.

So in lieu of it being socially acceptable to have a “cohabiting for the first time” registry even though that’s exactly what the traditional point of the wedding registry was, I’m just going to make a list of things I want here scratch the itch…

  • A new dining set, preferably this one because we both like the colour
  • A nice new set of sheets, and a duvet set
  • Harry Potter House posters (or travel posters)
  • Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit
  • Settlers of Catan
  • A sofa bed
  • A nice new woollen throw of some kind
  • One of those over-the-sink cutting boards
  • Nerdy candles/melts so the house smells delightful

Sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things.



3 thoughts on “Moving time

  1. Not selfish! Just like people should contribute to my ‘Singledom honeymoon’ haha. Send me your list and address when you’re all settled in 🙂

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