Adulting 101: Good help is hard to find

As I’ve settled back into some semblance of a normal life (i.e. full-time employed and not moving any time soon), I’ve also been indulging in things that were luxuries when I was a transient vagabond. I never used to give much thought to the professionals I enlisted to help with things, being a socially awkward introvert, I’d often move from place to place to avoid having to talk to people more than once. But recently I’ve realised the value in finding professionals that make you feel comfortable, rather than giving you the sense they’re doing you a favour.


 I had looooooooong hair until my second year of uni, and since then it’s slowly been getting shorter over time. I also had a layer of red in my hair that I had to give up when I went travelling cause it was just too expensive to maintain. Flash forward four years and my work wife is constantly recommending her hairdresser to me. “I just really think you’ll get on.” After 8 months, and finally in a financial position to consider regular hair sessions again, I went to see her hairdresser and it’s probably one of the best decisions I ever made. Personality wise he’s a perfect fit, to the point where he’ll ask me if we’re going to talk about Star Wars or just sit in anti-social silence for the whole thing…and either is perfectly acceptable. I’ve never felt comfortable at a hairdressing salon until I started seeing Ben. And he’s honestly an amazing hairdresser – mad with a pair of scissors. If you’re in need of a professional in Wellington, Ben at JAM is your guy.



So, I’ve never shaved my legs. When the time came round for all that, my mum gave me the option of waxing instead and I decided it sounded like less hassle. I used to have it professionally done but then started doing it at home for financial reasons. After being in Welly for a while, I decided to enlist professional help again. This is where things usually get hard for me because I find the whole experience horribly awkward and I resent spending money on something that makes me feel so horrifically uncomfortable. So I did some research online to find a waxing specialist in Welly. The first person I saw was very nice but she was also one of those who’d make comments about other aspects of your appearance, presumably to get you to spend more money on products. I am not ok with that. I mean, I’m not here to be made to feel bad about myself, and I don’t think that’s what the beauty industry should run on. NOPE. So after a couple of visits, I moved on and tried a second place. The first person I saw was lovely but very chatty and as a horrible introvert there’s only so much small talk I can take. I really liked her though so kept going until I had to reschedule an appointment and was assigned a different specialist…I was annoyed by this at the time but actually, it’s worked out great. She’s Brazilian and likes to listen to Portuguese covers of  classic songs and is not really interested in talking. A+++. Also, my salon specialises in sugar waxing which is great for bikini waxes and makes the whole experience a thousand times better. I actually feel comfortable at this salon and it’s all very professional, efficient and actually kinda relaxing (yes, I know I’m weird.) So yeah, if you’re in Wellington, the team at Brazilian Secrets will look after you – they’re all great!



 When it comes to exercise, I am not a very motivated person. I went to the gym regularly but found it hard to really push myself out of my comfort zone. I also did bootcamp Monday/Friday mornings but again struggled to really capitalise on that and implement it in my every day routine. So in October last year I decided to get a personal trainer. After some googling, I finally found somewhere that would let me train without singing some horrible contract with a specific gym. I started seeing my PT every week but have now scaled back to fortnightly, and it’s really given me the confidence to try things I wouldn’t have before, and also just to push myself harder. Granted, I’m still likely to tap out of things when training by myself, but I’m doing lots of strength training now which I wouldn’t have dared to do before. It’s been a great experience. As my office was closed after the earthquake last November, I also changed gyms (my old one was in the basement of our building). I wanted to go somewhere that offered classes and a new women’s gym on my route home had just opened. Now I know what you’re thinking, women’s only things are lame, but actually it’s been great. The staff are super friendly and helpful, and I never have to wait for dudebros to finish with the squat rack. Win/win. Also, horrific generalisation to imply this is a men’s problem, but I’ve never had to rack anyone else’s weights which is a definite improvement on my old gym. So yes. I am thinking of maybe swapping to my bf’s gym cause I miss working out with him but it’s such a nice vibe at my gym…life’s hard. Anyway. For PTs in Welly, check out Studio 41 and while gyms are a dime a dozen, I’ve found Revive Fitness to be very affordable and perfect for my needs.



I never felt like more of a failure than the day I decided to get a cleaner for my tiny one bedroom flat. But I was miserable. Work was hectic and I hated spending my little free time on the weekend cleaning, instead of enjoying life. Most people will probably just leave it for a bit, focus on their happiness and well-being. But because I’m a perfectionist, I also cannot abide my flat being in less than pristine condition, so I was constantly caught in this loop of misery. After much hand-wringing, I decided to get a cleaner once a month. It was a weight off my shoulders. Could I do it myself? Yes. Should I? Probably. But it’s one less thing I have to worry about so…fuck it. I found a wonderful cleaner through Goodnest and I can’t recommend the service enough. You can get help with all sorts of jobs through them and the customer service is excellent. Why be stressed when you don’t have to be, right? Right.



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