January R&R


I read two books in January. The first was ‘Anna & the French Kiss‘ by Stephanie Perkins, a YA novel recommended by a friend while we were in Paris and that I only just got round to reading. I loved it because I love a good easy to read YA novel and I love Paris. Pretty much read it in a single sitting which, frankly, is how all books should be read. I also read Neil Gaiman’s ‘View from the Cheap Seats‘, a collection of non-fiction pieces. I always enjoy a good collection as it’s nice to have something that I can easily segment and put down when I need to. It was fine, none of it was revolutionary.


In recent years I’ve fallen into the habit of listening to the same three playlists over and over again, so basically I’m listening to the same shit I listened to in 2009. And that’s fine, don’t get me wrong, I love that shit. But I also don’t want to be one of those people who listens to five bands from years ago and has no idea what’s happening out there now. Who knows what awesome is out there?? So I’m making a conscious effort to listen to new stuff (while also still listening to old stuff cause why not yo) Here’s my January playlist…


Assassin’s CreedI agreed to see this because I’ve watched the bf play enough Assassin’s Creed to understand the basic premise of the universe, and I always enjoy a sword & sandal type film (Prince of Persia anyone?). Plus it has three Oscar-nominated actors in it…how bad could it be? Ha. Hahaha. It’s not often I’ll say this but this film needed more action. The parkour scenes were actually pretty fun and more past-life fights would have helped balance out the snore fest. That said, Michael Fassbender is shirtless for a good 30 minutes. Take the perks where you get them.

La La LandLook, if you came out of this complaining it was overly nostalgic or corny then you frankly just weren’t paying attention. Nothing about the marketing of this film promised anything other than a wishful 1950s inspired musical and it 100% delivered on that. I enjoyed it, especially Emma Stone’s wardrobe (brb, selling all my clothes). I did think the ending was depressing and I resented the implication that any happy ending for some reason has to involve having children. Also, five years is not nearly enough time passing for all that shiz to go down in the final act. But whatever, the film did exactly what it said it was going to – I don’t understand why there’s suddenly so much hate for it.

MoanaWhat an absolute delight. DELIGHT. There’s nothing about this film I didn’t love and I have happily been listening to the soundtrack on the odd occasion. Loved seeing Pasifika culture reflected. Up there with Brave as a new fave animated film.

Hidden FiguresOh my god, what a film. Loved everything about it. Yet again, total outfit envy. Such an inspirational story and like all things reflecting diversity these days, it feels desperately necessary. And the soundtrack is on point. Bf’s verdict following the film: “I have never felt more male and white in my life.” Preach.


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