So this must be it, welcome to the new year

They say you should start your new year the way you mean to go on, and I started mine with a glass of (good) whisky, cuddled up on the couch watching The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. If that’s how my year works out, I’m 100% on board.

I know no one cares about anyone else’s new year’s resolutions but I’m going to talk about mine anyway. Last year, I called them goals. And I achieved two of the six. One of these goals was to read at least 8 new books (cause 2015 was appalling for reading) and I smashed this target by reading 27. Most of these were good feminist type reads and I’m very pleased with myself. So, inspired by my success, I decided to plot out some new goals only this year, I’m calling them ‘aims and aspirations’.

I want to keep reading cause it was legitimately a high point of last year. I forgot how much joy a good book brings me. As I’ve rediscovered my love of the library, I also don’t feel hamstrung by a budget – that’s a big help! Because there’s a lot of things I want to do this year and only so much time, I’ve decided to aim for a reasonable 12 books. One a month, simple right?

My second aim might sound a little weird but…I want to actually enjoy going to the gym. I started going to the gym regularly last year but it’s always been a chore. Unfortunately I’m not one of those people who gets an exercise high. My endorphins just don’t want to jam that way apparently. I get really annoyed by this fact because I don’t want to spend my time doing something I dread but I also know going to the gym makes me sleep better, lowers my stress and makes me generally happier. It’s the act of it that fucking sucks. I don’t know how much of that is a mindset thing though, so my aim this year is to think positively about going, rather than spending all my time dreading it, and telling my friends how much I hate it. Maybe if I do it enough times, it’ll become true. Related to this, I have a gym goal which is to squat 80kgs by the end of the year. So let’s see how that goes.

A friend from uni recently moved to town and asked me how my writing was going. Ummmm. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written anything, I almost feel like I don’t know how anymore. So this year, I want to write regularly. I have a vague story idea and I want to actually give myself the time to write it. And the permission for it to suck. At least it’s down on paper.

I want to save money and be better with my budget. Adulthood is expensive, yo. It’s a constant source of stress because I stick my head in the sand and hope that it all goes away. I’ve been better the last two months so it’s only a matter of self-control (ha) and discipline (haha). I’m hoping it’ll get easier in March when the boyf and I move in together. At least I’ll have someone to help share the load.

I also want to be kind, to myself and others. Be less critical and allow for the fact that people are just people. So I can’t expect so much of them. Related to this, I want to be more positive at work as opposed to the raging ball of frustration I normally am. I have a load of new productivity and management techniques lined up that I want to try out and I’m hopeful all of that will help me be less of a lunatic.

This on my list every year; I want to be happy. This year, I’m focusing on prioritising my own wellbeing, rather than putting work or other people’s goals ahead of mine. This means saying no to things I don’t want to do, and not beating myself up about it. It means being brave and having the courage to actually try things even if they’re outside of my comfort zone (hanging out with new people, I’m looking at you). It means volunteering at the SPCA and getting some puppy time while helping a good cause. It means having a solid morning routine and actually sticking to it so I’m not running late every damn day. And it means taking the time to eat properly and not just having a bag of chips cause I’m tired and it’s easy.

Finally, I’m fully embracing the do no harm but take no shit ethos and that means I’ll continue to be an insufferable feminist and calling out bs where I see it (mostly at work.) And in saying that, I’ll be embracing all the things on the Cattitude & Co new year’s resolutions for feminists list – check it out, it’s a good read!

I’m actually really excited about 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing what challenges it brings, and the ways I’ll be challenging myself. And if I make it past September while living in Wellington, it’ll be the longest I’ve spent in one city since I left Sydney in 2012. It’s feels nice, really, to put down some roots.



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