The process of removing weeds from ones’ garden

Last month, my work wife and I embarked on a road trip to what we had dubbed the Wedding of the Year. It was the wedding of another work friend and ever since we met her, having all started at NZR at the same time, we’ve been obsessed with getting an invite. Well no, actually we just wanted to get an invite to the engagement party, which we thought was more achievable.

The reason? The bride is unexpectedly traditional and hearing her talk about this wedding, and watching her plan it, felt like witnessing greatness. It felt like the closest we would ever get to a royal wedding…and we wanted in!

After months of pub quizzing together, having high teas and secret lunches somehow we managed to sneak onto the invitation B list and to say I got a bit emosh when the gold-stamped envelope was hand delivered to me would be entirely true. The couple are just what you would describe as Good People™ and to think that I’d been deemed worthy to attend this wedding of weddings, intimate and exclusive as it was, made me feel both ecstatic and total appalled that I’d weaseled my way into it…but never mind!

Said wedding did necessitate a road trip to the Hawke’s Bay as it was taking place at a lovely winery near Havelock North. We escaped work early on the Friday as my work wife had kindly volunteered to take on the 4.5 hour driving duties. Bleh. There was lots of singing along to One Direction, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. It was great. Of course once we arrived at the flat we’d acquired for the weekend, we had to find some bubbles stat. It was a celebration after all! Two bottles later, it’s 2am and yet we somehow managed to be up at a reasonable time the next day. After some last minute wedding shopping, we met up with two of our colleagues who also managed to wrangle invites and end up sitting in the pub for far too long and really cutting into our preparation time. But we still made it to the wedding on time so A+ all round.

Did the ceremony live up to all the royal expectations we’d placed on it? I’m glad to say it did. The setting was beautiful. The speeches were hilarious. The guests were all impossibly glamorous. The bridesmaids looked gorgeous. And the bride was too pretty to even look at for too long. There were tears. It was too much.

The wine was also too much if my hangover the next day was anything to go by. Still, I dragged my sorry carcass off to the “morning after” event which was really just a bbq held at a house with the most jaw-dropping view. It was a perfect day as well, I finally understood why so many people love it in the Bay. But alas, we couldn’t stay. The 4.5 hour journey home seemed impossible and hellish to my alcohol-flooded soul but somehow I survived, and recovered enough to have some McDonald’s en route sometime after 4pm. Life is hard, yo.

The reason I’m posting about this is not just because it was an awesome weekend – it was – but I’ve realised the power of surrounding yourself with good people. Just good people. I can’t really explain what I mean properly, but the kind of people who make you feel better just by being there. There was absolute feeling of good will and happiness at this wedding and I just stood there thinking, imagine if your life always felt like this. And the thing is, for this couple, I think it mostly does. I’m so grateful to have such awesome people in my life and so grateful for the friends I’ve made here. Even if they are mostly work friends, it still goes a long way to filling your life. And, of course, all the friends all over the world that I somehow manage to keep despite my bad communication habits. Cheers to you all.


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