Faded jeans and faraway eyes

I know, I know, it’s been ages. There’s so much going on in my life at the mo that I can’t really see myself doing a proper update but just as a general fyi, not dead. I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to London where I got to hang out with all my friends and it felt like no time had passed at all. I had so much fun and I don’t think a day will ever come that I don’t miss them all terribly. I also went to Ireland for the day, to go on a Game of Thrones day trip with darling Abbi, and went to Paris for the day with V. AND I went to Iceland for five amazing days and proceeded to have the best time ever. Such a fascinating country, so many mind-blowingly awesome experiences. I really loved every second of my trip and I will get round to blogging about it properly at some point, hopefully!

Before I can do that though, I have to finish my PhD candidacy stage (not much time left at all, eeeeeeep) so I really need to stop procrastinating. And, big news, I’m also facing some major upheaval because I’m moving to Wellington, New Zealand, in…well, a week. Sunday! I was offered a new job there and even though it kinda goes against everything I had planned for the next four years of my life, I couldn’t turn it down. So, yeah, so much change. It’s exciting and absolutely terrifying! Hopefully won’t mess everything up and/or lose my mind from stress.

But yes, that’s why I’ve been basically awol. I have so much to panic and freak out about. I hope to one day be a half-decent blogger again but fear it may not be any time soon. What’s the point of life without change though, eh?