We live in cities you’ll never see on screen

Not very pretty but we sure know how to run free.

There is a change in the wind. Good, bad, who knows.

I have so much work to do. So. Much. So of course I’m procrastinating. I remain, as ever, my own worst enemy. The aim for today is to finish off a freelance project and crack on with an essay that was due two weeks ago. AND then, this weekend, I have to read two books…but hoping for 3. While also going to physio, and my riding lessons, and taking the dog for a walk, and going for a run, and cleaning the house, and cooking, and watching Masterchef. Waaaah.

Parental unit bought a new dog bed yesterday for little miss princess…it’s less a bed and more a chaise lounge. And because winter has arrived without remorse and I had her groomed last week, we’ve also acquired a little jacket (for rainy walks) and jumper for her. Actually ridiculous. When did we become these people???

She is super cute though.

In other news, don’t know how people on the west coast stand the way they’re completely ignored – everything is geared towards the east coast, everything. All the references on tv, ads, whatever, everything is made for a Sydney or Melbourne audience. It’s infuriating. I’ve only lived here for 5 months and it drives me insane…so not sure how no one’s rebelled yet. I suppose people are generally less inclined to world domination than I am.

Music: Team – Lorde


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