Sweet Tangerine – Cooking Adventure #8

Ventured into lamb territory for the ongoing kitchen adventures and tried out the totally satisfying quick lamb tanginge with pan-fried aubergine and cumin crunch. Dad is a big fan of couscous so I figured this one would go down well, and I was right.

This is a super easy recipe and actually pretty quick to make. We turned it around in 20 minutes, pretty pleased with that effort! The recipe calls for two small aubergines, but they only seem to come in one size here in Oz – ginormous. I opted to only use one. I’ve noticed this is a bit of a common issue with the Jamie recipes – our produce is, in general, a lot bigger so sometimes it’s a bit of a guesstimation with ingredients. But everything for this recipe is straightforward and easy to find, I discovered the preserved lemons at our local Asian market – a great spot for finding those kinda unusual ingredients not stocked by the major chains.

Overall, this got a very favourable response – 4 Grumpy Dads out of 5.

2014-03-26 17.10.04


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