Why don’t we have both – Cooking Adventure #7

For another lunchtime effort, we entered the wonderful world of ultimate pork tacos. Now tacos is not something that’s particularly popular in our household, so it was quite nice to shake things up a little.

I actually found this super quick and easy to make – and all the ingredients were present and accounted for with no fuss. I’m a fan of the salad, as I think the apple and lime based dressing is really refreshing which balances out the spice of the taco. Tasty! The salad was a lot nicer than the pic suggests – I’d already eaten some of it before I remembered to take a photo (also I detest avocado and did not want it anywhere near my plate).

The dish scored 3.5 Grumpy Dads out of 5 – mainly because dad finds tacos way too messy (and thus painful) to eat. So next time we might actually go for a soft shell taco instead…it’s a shame to lose the crunchiness but I figure we could always just add some nachos on the side to make up for it.

2014-03-25 18.56.08


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