As some might know, I’m attempting a PhD. I’ve only started this year so I’m currently in the candidacy phase, which means I spend most of my time in the library looking like this:


I had my first meeting with my main supervisor this week and it went relatively well, all things considered. There are now fortnightly meetings scheduled alternating between him and my secondary supervisor until my project is accepted or I die. Whichever comes first.

Because I’ll be expected to provide regular notes on my progress/reading/research at these meetings, I’ve decided to create another blog specifically for thesis related rambles and meltdowns. You know, in the vain hope that it helps me focus or at least collate my thoughts. I could just ramble in a word doc, but I know it will just disappear into the archive of my computer, never to be read again. I feel like this might have a better chance of success…but I guess we’ll see. Eep.

Should you be interested, you can find the blog here.

Music: No. 1 Party Anthem – The Arctic Monkeys


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