Salsa baby – Cooking Adventure #4

My dad works shifts so I wanted to know if I could expand our new cooking fad to include lunches. I thumbed through 15 minute meals for things that looked lunch appropriate to start with and settled on falafel wraps with grilled veg and salsa. This was quite a progressive choice as it’s meat-free and vegetarianism makes my dad want to cry.

First up, I’ll admit I struggled with this one. It spiraled out to around 45 minutes of cooking, mostly because the falafel was proving problematic. I was obviously being way too slow shaping them, so it got a bit out of control! But! Got there eventually.

It was a perfect summer’s day though so the meal was perfect. The charred veggies were delicious, and we opted to serve it with beetroot rather than the recommended red cabbage. So tasty! Dad got over his initial shock of being presented with a veggie meal, so that was good. I think he was mostly just pleased with the cottage cheese marbled with sweet chili.

I’d like to try this again to see if I can actually make it in a decent time frame. It got 3.5 Grumpy Dads out of 5.

Sadly I don’t seem to have a photo of this one so here’s an apologetic dog instead.

Light of my life.

Light of my life.


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