Oh Lolli Lollipop – Cooking Adventure #3

I was so encouraged by our last effort that the very next day we tried out a third Jamie recipe. You can probably tell that my enthusiasm was gathering moment. Mum and I had gone on a grocery shop to gather all the spices on the recommended pantry list that we were lacking, and we were sitting down to work out future menus.

Our attempt at lamb lollipops, curry sauce, rice and peas was a roaring success. Maybe not particularly neat, but still. This was the first time we actually managed to find all the ingredients called for. I should point out though that my dad is not very keen on chilli at all, so I never actually add in the amount required. I’ve been substituting in chilli flakes, just to give it at least a little bit of bite, but not enough to put him off. This is working out pretty well. I think we might have gotten away with a chilli in this recipe though – he was far too distracted by poppadoms to notice! It was a very tasty meal, and the curry sauce kept well enough for later use (with naan. Hmm, naan.)

Score? 4 Grumpy Dads.2014-02-21 19.10.02

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