Itchy feet

It was my lovely mum’s birthday on Thursday and as a little treat, I booked us a trip to Bali in May. It’s an incredibly popular destination for people out here on the west coast…probably because it’s only a short plane ride away and stupidly affordable. We’ve never been so I thought why not make the most of the opportunity? Girls weekend! Dad’s a bit bleak to miss out but it’s only two nights, I’m sure he’ll survive. I’m really looking forward to it! (Which makes me feel like maybe it’s a bit of a self-serving present to give to someone but…travel! Yay!)

2014-04-02 22.35.30

I’ve also booked my flights to the UK in August. Feels a bit silly to be going back already but whatever, I cannae wait. I’ll hopefully be at a university conference for three days and then the rest of the time I’ll just be kicking around. I’m 99.9% set on going to Iceland while I’m there as well. It’s something I desperately wanted to do last year but I just never managed to get the funds together. So while I’m up north, I figure I might as well make the most of it! Not sure I’ll have the opportunity again any time soon, it’s a loooooong way to go.

So excited to have some travelling lined up. I would still love to do some domestic exploring at some point this year as well, but when it’s normally cheaper to just go overseas, it’s hard to justify! But anyway, have to wait and see how my uni timings work out. And the saving, curse you capitalism!

Music: Luna – Bombay Bicycle Club


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