Big wheel turnin’ – Cooking Adventure #2

Following on from our Swedish-inspired success, our second culinary adventure happened a week later. We took on the challenge of glazed pork fillet, Cajun-style pepper rice and BBQ sauce. It’s about here that I realised that our wok is the best thing ever and I basically use it for everything…what, you want a large casserole pan? Pffft. Whatever.

Cajun-style rice
Everything in this recipe is fairly simple, except that the rice called for okra. Do you think I could find it anywhere? So I turned, as ever, to the internet who advised me that, although the taste and texture of okra is very unique, green beans made a decent substitute. Sold.

I really enjoy creating these mixes of rice – the brown rice, with veggies, lemon and paprika is very homely and hits all the right spots. And the BBQ sauce for the pork is delicious. The recipe calls for one big pork fillet, but we had three small pieces so didn’t bother slicing it up. We also ignored the recommendation to serve the meal with pickled veg, opting for a fresh garden salad instead.

All very lovely! It scored 4 Grumpy Dads out of 5.

Glazed pork


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