Hurdy Gurdy Gurdy – Cooking Adventure #1

Our very first foray into Jamie Oliver cooking happened a fair few weeks ago in the form of Swedish meatballs, with celeriac and spinach rice. I chose this as a starting point cause it seemed like a safe, plain option that wouldn’t scare off the father right off the bat. Mum was also on board from the get-go – despite initial skepticism about the spinach element (as mentioned before, she is much like I was when it comes to vegetables but she’s always willing to try things.)

While most of the ingredients were already in our pantry, we had a bit of a problem. We couldn’t find cranberry jam anywhere – probably because we were being painfully obtuse; we found it a week later at Coles without any drama. Our blindness meant our first attempt went ahead cranberry free, but mum picked up a nice pot of the stuff at IKEA for future needs. There was also nary a celeriac to be found at our local market, Woolies or Coles. In the end, I just went with plain old celery as a substitute. Not particularly exciting, but it did the trick just fine.

I was pleased with the effort. The rice was a winner and while the meatballs were tasty, it definitely lacked the jam – we tried apricot as a sub but it just didn’t really pop with the other flavours – so it’ll be nice to try this again sometime for the full effect. Of course it didn’t take 15 minutes but, with mum and I both pitching in, we got it done under 40. That’s a totally acceptable cooking time in my opinion!

Overall, it got 3.5 Grumpy Dads out of 5.

Swedish Meatballs & Spinach Rice

P.S: This series for me is more about the experience rather than the instruction, so I won’t actually be posting recipes. Sorry if that’s what you’re after. I also take a bit of a moral issue with it. Soz. If the recipes are up at the Jamie Oliver site, I’ll link to them. Otherwise I can only recommend you get the book. It’s well worth it.

4 thoughts on “Hurdy Gurdy Gurdy – Cooking Adventure #1

  1. I feel very similar. I will post links to recipe or the book I borrowed from. Usually I make my own adjustments to recipes, but I’m also too lazy to write all that down xD

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