Adventures in cooking

Before I start, there’s one thing you need to understand about me. I don’t enjoy cooking. In fact, I don’t even really enjoy eating (excluding cake, of course). If it wasn’t a basic necessity for staying alive, I’d happily not eat. Food is really not something that appeals to me.

Until I went travelling, I was a pretty picky eater. I didn’t really want to eat anything green, or vegetable like. I just was not at all interested in trying anything new, or anything I didn’t like before. I wasn’t demanding in my dislikes, I just wanted to be left alone to eat what I wanted to eat. End of. But my horizons broadened pretty rapidly while overseas, a) because I like trying things that are part of new cultures, and b) because you can’t really afford to be fussy when you’re on a strict budget. I also happily accepted friendly offers to feed me (mostly from Abbi) and so I’d eat whatever I was given. My mother raised me with manners after all, though I often don’t act like it!

Bearing all that in mind, it’s with little exaggeration that I say Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals is kinda changing my life. It actually makes me want to cook. And I’m not finding it a total bore? A miracle!
Planning our menu while watching Masterchef. Why not.

Foodspiration hour in action.

It first started with just watching the show. Australia loves Jamie Oliver, one of his programs is on at least once a day. Then I saw the book on sale and, knowing that Abbi always found it useful, I thought what the hell. Let’s just buy the damn thing. Now Mum and I have started a routine of making the meals together and, you know what, it’s actually a lot of fun. I think the main appeal comes from it being quick and relatively pain free. The recipes are so easy to follow, with nothing presented in indecipherable chef speak, and it’s quick, so I don’t feel like I’m slaving away in front of the stove and wasting my whole day. Like I said, I’m not a natural foodie, so these things are all right up my alley and basically hooked me in within seconds.

The thing is, I am trying very hard to be healthy. My parents have had a couple of health issues in the last few years and we have to be careful managing dad’s diet in particular. So to have the option to cook with fresh ingredients, relatively low in fat and sugar, while actually having fun…well, that’s invaluable to me (and mum really, we share the same attitude to food.) Dad has the polar opposite approach to food – he bloody loves it, but he’s very particular and…safe. So it’s quite an interesting experience for us to make these meals and present him with food that often goes outside his flavour comfort zone. Honestly though, I think everyone is enjoying it. The best part is that because the meals always tend to serve 4, there’s enough for all of us plus dad’s lunch/dinner for work. Makes life so much easier!

So, anyway, because it’s not something I am a natural at, I thought I might blog about our little culinary undertakings. Report back on the successes or dismal failures. Let’s just see how it goes.

Music: Beach baby – Bon Iver


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