Four days wide awake

I’ve just finished packing for my first ever camping festival at End of the Road. Slight trepidation, I admit. Not sure I will return sane and/or in one piece. I don’t feel remotely prepared for it. They’re just not really a big thing in Australia, not the way they are here anyway, and I don’t really know what I’m doing. Mostly people have universally been insisting that I will need hand sanitizer and gloves. I swear, if I am cold at any point, I will cry. I hate being cold. Well, I say I’ll cry, I’ll probably just steal hoodies off my camping buddies. Bet I’ll be super popular by the end of the weekend!

I should be ok though…right? I mean I’ve been camping before, albeit not at a festival. And I am horrendously broke. And ok, things aren’t off to the best start with it being 12.30am and me needing to be at work in less than 8 hours, not to mention that I spent most of today feeling like death warmed up. But! It’ll be ok! Positive thinking. My lovely, wonderful flatmate, king of the flatmates that he is, has lent me his new tent so I will at least not be constructing a home from some plastic bags and castaway boxes. Small mercies. Since it is a new tent, I will spend most of the weekend paranoid about anyone even looking at it funny. But hey, it’s not Reading. I doubt I need to worry about anyone setting it on fire while I sleep (sorry but that festival sounds so feral.)

Anywhoodle, I’ve done the important things like charge my old ipod so I’ll have travel music at least. I’ve also purchased the necessary train and bus tickets. And I’ve consulted the timetable to make sure there are no major clashes – there aren’t. My three must-sees are Daughter, Frightened Rabbit and Sigur Ros. Woo, Sigur Ros! I think I have enough clothes as well, whether they’re warm enough is a different question. My bag is too small and it is mostly filled with food. Priorities, I have them. With that sorted, my main concern now is just locating my aforementioned camping buddies when I arrive – hopefully everyone’s phone batteries will survive the first day at least.

I’m taking off after work tomorrow and will return in a questionable state on Monday. Wish me luck! Or avenge my demise! Whichever is more appropriate.

Music: Hell – Tegan and Sara


White Noise

This is going to sound strange, but I find it really hard to do any work without a television. I’ve always done my studying or essay writing in sight of a television, playing something that I could easily drift in and out of, or ignore. I know it sounds ridiculous, but there it is. I used to have a tv in my study for precisely this reason, and I’d put things on that I’d seen before just for momentary respite when I glanced up from my studies. It’s always been that way – I have fond memories of lying on the living room floor, doing my math homework to Rove Live (and when Letterman came on, I always knew that I’d stayed up too late.)

So now I find myself in the odd position of not having a television – it’s usually not an issue at all, we basically stream everything we want to watch and I never feel like I’m missing out. It’s actually quite nice to not have that compulsion to immediately switch the thing on when you walk through the door. But I’ve noticed it’s a bit of a problem when I’m trying to write essays – like I’m doing right now. I need that background noise. And streaming something on my laptop while writing on it…well, it doesn’t work that well.

Sigh. First world problems.

In other news, I’ve upped and moved my blog yet again. I can’t even settle down in the virtual world. I know, madness. Anyway, I’ve mostly done this because my travel blog is on wordpress and I’m tired of swapping between platforms all the time. Also, Abbi insists this is easier to follow. So, here I am. Let’s see how it goes.

Music: Brennisteinn – Sigur Ros